A Brief Update

by L. Ron Gardner

My book “The Power of Now Meditation Guide” is finished, but I’m not going to prepare it for publication until I get free of the bird mites I’ve been infected with for the past two years. This is the case, because in a few weeks, I may put everything I have, except my “plastic” (ID, credit/debit cards) in storage (mothballs), including my computers. (I’ll just hit an Internet café twice a day.) I’ll stop using my car, buy new clothes, etc. If you’re interested in knowing about bird mite problems, check out birdmites.org.

If you check my other blog, integralspiritualmeditation.com, you’ll see that I've posted a couple of (raw and unedited) excerpts from the Dzogchen text I’m now working on. I expect to have this book finished and published in late 2018.

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