A Tower of Bentinho Babble

by L. Ron Gardner

[This is my just-posted at Amazon one-star review of Bentinho Massaro's text "Super Accelerated Living."]

In my 45 years of spiritual study and practice, I have read more than 3000 texts on Awakening -- and Bentinho Massaro’s “Super Accelerated Living” might be the worst of these. I have, in my Amazon reviews, categorized some of these texts as “bottom of the barrel,” but Bentinho deserves his own category, which I’ll now designate as “beneath the bottom of the barrel.” I have umpteen pages of notes from my read of this text, but because this is just a review, I’ll focus on just a few of the innumerable notes that make clear just how out of touch from reality Bentinho really is.

Bentinho says, “There is no external reality. There has never been a reality “out there.” There has never been another person you have interacted with. There has never been an actual physical world that you have been a part of. You are not a part of anything. You are the Creator of the entirety of the Universe, of All-That-Is… Are you ready to leave behind the thought that you are the receiver of reality and realize fully that you are a God —the creator of reality?... You are God, nothing else but God.”

Want proof that there is an external reality? Take a gun and shoot yourself in front of your computer (which you didn’t create), and your computer will still be sitting on your desk, sans you, as they haul your corpse off to the morgue. If you think you are Creator of the entire Universe, try creating even a cockroach, bird mite, or flea.

Bentinho says, “The sense that there is an external reality is an illusion to begin with, so you can safely ignore it. You can safely block it out because it’s not real.”

Per Bentinho’s teaching, if someone is raping, torturing, and murdering your young daughter, you can just ignore it because it’s not real. And if you’re out driving, you can safely block out other drivers. IOW, don’t worry about downing a few six-packs before you hit the road.

Bentinho says, “Don’t care what anyone else thinks. Don’t care what they say or how they act.”

Per Bentinho, if your wife is screwing your boss, who has just impregnated her, and the two of them are planning to off you to collect the life insurance money, don’t worry about it. And if your kid is mainlining heroin and has flunked out of school, just ignore it.

Bentinho is the New Age, Millenial “Burger King” guru, who invites you to have the world just the way you want it, because it’s Your World. He says, “So, start practicing this—referring only to your own preference. Disregard everything else. Ignore all other stimuli and all other impulses. Because the belief in an external reality is no more than a habit!... This is your palette and your canvas; you can use it to create whatever you desire. Overwhelm yourself with this state until you become your environment, until you become become your creation.”
What if your desire opposes someone else’s? Say, you want to create a relationship with a hot chick, but she wants no part of you. Bentinho doesn’t consider “problems” like this, because that would complicate his simplistic “have-it your way” philosophy.

“Burger King” Bentinho not only wants us to have it “our way,” he wants us to have it “both ways,” even if the ways contradict. He says, “Create whatever you desire,” but elsewhere he informs us that “nothing new is ever created. Everything that can exist already exists, and will always exist.”

Bentinho says, “There is no end to this journey. At some point, you will be every single molecule you create.”

This is contrary to what the Buddha taught. According to him, Nirvana was the end of the journey, the end of becoming (samsara).” And, unlike Bentinho, he never babbled balderdash about you being “every single molecule you create.”
Bentinho says, “Persist in seeing only your preference, and forget about appearances and circumstances… Keep remembering to ignore that there is a circumstance happening; there is no circumstance happening.”

Per Bentinho’s “wisdom,” if it’s icy cold and pouring outside, sinply ignore it, tell yourself it’s a hot, sunny day, and head to the beach. And if your car runs out of gas on the way to the beach, tell yourself the tank is full, because that’s what you prefer, and you, of course, are always the Creator of reality, never the receiver, for as Bentinho asserts, “you have never, ever received anything.”

The questions (from students) and answers (by Bentinho) are a hoot. Here’s an example:
“Q: (Student): Why are you creating us?
A: (Bentinho): Why am I creating you? Relevance. Why are you generating me, seemingly generating you?”

The book is truly hilarious, if you don’t take it seriously. For example, Bentinho’s acolytes truly believe he knows exactly how the universe operates. They write:
“People are stuck in mediocre or unsatisfying lives simply because they don’t know the rules of the game. They have never learned how the universe really operates, mechanically or structurally. In this meeting, Bentinho first lays out the ground rules, the cosmic operating instructions (the driver’s manual!). Then he explains how to practice and apply these rules in daily life—for those who care enough to create an epic human experience.”

Here are some more “gems” from Bentinho: “Everything is static except consciousness.” You can become anything you desire to become.” “Linear time is an agreement.” “Every tiny motion, every movement, is within a completely different reality.” “One reality has nothing to do with the next moment’s reality. There is no structural causality anywhere.” “Understand that the government is not to blame for any single thing. No one is to blame for anything.” “All of the consciousnesses on planet Earth (and there are many parallel planet Earths) agreed to experience a similar collective agreement situation.” “Reality is not real.” “Do not focus on what-is. It’s not spiritual. It’s not enlightened. It’s very, very stupid. The present is a dead end… Be in a state of imagination.” “Some of my days recently have been insane—literally insane. And I wish the same for you—because there’s no going back. Once you taste this, you forget all about spirituality.”

How can one take this claptrap seriously? Simple, “Don’t get caught up in ideas of logic and reason,” says Bentinho. Instead, he says, “Priortize feeling good over any other consideration.” IOW, if it feels good, just do it, and screw logic, reason and reality (which isn’t real, per Bentinho). “All you will know,” says Bentinho, “is that you are God.”

Because I’m God, the All-Knowing, All Seeing One, I Say, with Absolute Authority, that this is a five-star text – a negative five-star text, that is. But because ignorant Amazon does recognize my Divine Status, and forces me, against my Will, to conform to their stifling, unenlightened, earthly standards, I, most reluctantly, agree to give it a single star.

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God April 1, 2017 at 7:52 pm

hahah what a fking dummy you are. you dont understand shit. silly examples. its about being more non-physical and taking a step back from all the stories that you have created. start there, there is still hope.
good luck dummy.


L. Ron Gardner April 2, 2017 at 7:20 pm

Being a Bentinho spiritual fan is like being a Bieber music fan — for the birds.


IJ April 6, 2017 at 8:04 pm

Is “God” the same obnoxious pest of a cockroach ca_cicero? I wonder? I suspect that is. This insect is obsessed with Mr. Gardner and chases him around everywhere. Even in Facebook perhaps? I don’t know. I am just guessing. LOLOLOLOL!!!!Hahahaha!!!


Jody May 19, 2017 at 6:52 pm

Great stuff, L.R. Thanks for taking the punch by venturing to read this stinky garbage.


Martin Gifford May 20, 2017 at 7:23 am

If you take advaita philosophy to its logical conclusion, then Bentinho is right. So I think he is a great challenge to advaitans who seem to take up a position of pretentious aloofness.

Actually, it would be funny to see a debate between him and your average advaita guru. The advaita guru would be arguing for his or her own limitation while simultaneously claiming to be God.

Of course, the advaitan would say that it is merely Bentinho’s ego that is claiming to be God. But he can just say that it is the advaitan’s egoic fear that stops them from fully embracing their dynamic Godhood.

BTW, none of this bothers me because I’m not an advaitan. But I do like it when someone challenges the status quo.


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